Our aim is a ONE on ONE campaign strategy (online and offline)

Our system covers people of all class: the young, old, educated, uneducated, people with or without a browsing phone, people who don’t even have a phone and those who don’t have internet access. So, you don’t need to ask about people in the villages. Before creating this system all thoughts of what could be a hindrance to its success considered and was dealt with.

Personalized BULK SMS

Our BULK SMS addresses each voter by their name.


Imagine each voter picking a call and hear you talk to them by yourself. That’s the idea.

Personalized BULK WHATSAPP

Our Whatsapp software bypasses the normal Whatsapp limitations and reaches millions of persons with their full names as explained in the paper work.

Reaching Strictly VOTERS

Our target is the voters. The paper work explains our strategy in details. Our strategy is not for the noise makers who don’t have a PVC. Our paper work shows it all.

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Nationwide Whatsapp groups with a central control system

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    National Control Centre

    All Whatsapp groups in Nigeria with a central situation room content control centre

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    State Control Centre

    All Whatsapp groups in at state level with each state control center controlled by the national central situation room

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